Flood the Love

A Crossfit Event on Sept 29th to benefit Santa Clara, UT Flood Vicitims



Due to popular demand, we have decided to produce the t-shirts regardless of the number of donators we have and make them available sooner. We’ll have shirts available at the event on Saturday the 29th, but if you want to assure your size is available you can order now on the site.

UNFORTUNATELY, because we are trying to run this site at no cost so all the money can go to the flood victims, wordpress won’t allow us to add an “e-commerce” button which would be the easiest way to buy a shirt so on this post we will explain the best way to purchase your shirt.

1. Click on the link here or there will be another one at the bottom of this post.

2. Enter the amount you want based on the following guidelines

a. $25 for every shirt you want to order (we only have adult sizes, Add $1.50 for 2XL and $2 for 3XL)

b. If you want it shipped to you, add $5 for the first shirt and $2.50 for every shirt after that. If you order 7 or more shirts, just add $20 for shipping. If you want to pick it up just buy the shirt(s) and we’ll contact you when they are ready.

3. Click update total

4. Enter your Credit Card information or sign into Paypal.

5. Click on the “Add Special Instructions to recipient” link below the Purpose “Flood the Love”

6. Enter your shirt size(s)

ex. Small, Large, X-Large

7. Click on the “Donate Now” button

8. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for donating to the cause!



2 thoughts on “**BUY A T-SHIRT**

  1. where is this going on at the location so i can be there

    • Linda,

      This is taking place at St. George Town Square Park, right next to the St. George library and the splash pad at St. George town square. It will be at 8:30a on Saturday, September 29th.


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